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Do Lutheran Schools Make a Difference?


What Kind of Difference?

Reliable statistical research* indicates that a study of Lutherans reveals that those who attended Lutheran schools:
• Report more frequent experiences with God in their personal lives.
• Exhibit a more consistent belief in the divinity of Jesus.
• Profess a greater clarity on the way of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone (show more tendency to reject belief in salvation by works).
• Display more Biblical knowledge.
• Engage in a much fuller devotional life.
• Do more witnessing to others about Christ.
• Hold a more balanced theology (not liberal, not ultraconservative, but a balanced conservatism).
• Give a high value to relationships with God and other persons.
• Show a more reasonable respect for authority.
• Live out stronger tendencies to be forgiving and personally forthright with other people.
• Evidence greater avoidance of over-simplistic views. (i.e., views of social issues as mere power struggles.).
• Reveal less tendency to be anxious about their faith.
• Are less swayed by their peers.

The research also proved that the more years a person attended a Lutheran school, the more significant the difference became.

The research does not indicate that these same qualities cannot be present in individuals who have not attended a Lutheran elementary and /or secondary school, but it is less likely. Similarly, it is recognized that the power to lead a Christian life is a free gift of the Holy Spirit working through the Word.

*Milo Brekke, How Different Are People Who Attended Lutheran Schools (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House; based on data compiled by Youth Research Center for “A Study of Generations.”)