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Learning is a life-long endeavor. Students need continual opportunities to practice and assume increasing responsibility for their own learning, so they become intrinsically motivated to continue learning beyond school walls. Self-motivated learners can use what they already know and are able to address future challenges in learning and life.

The first step in becoming a self-motivated learner is the realization that you need to learn something new. This realization then allows students to cooperate fully with the teacher in the learning process.
Once students accept their need and responsibility for learning, they can take the next step toward independence as a learner. They set goals for their learning based on academic standards and measures of their own performance. With the teacher’s guide they become increasingly articulate about and effective with outlining both the substance and the purposes of their learning.

Fully engaged, self-motivated learners initiate learning because of an internal drive for deeper understanding, skills, and knowledge. They achieve challenging goals on their own for the sheer joy of learning, seeking assistance when needed and using new understandings to identify their next set of learning goals.

Life and work in the 21st century require high levels of thinking, performance, communication, and problem solving. Schools around the world are held accountable for increasingly higher levels of achievement; parents and society quite rightly expect that the claims of schools to educate young people toward specific results should be documented and achieved. In addition, competition for jobs is now global rather that merely local or even regional. Holt Lutheran is that privatized education parents seek.

Our school philosophy:
Our goal is to guide the growth and development of the whole child: intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual. We encourage the growth of the whole child and nurture of the specific gifts that God has given each child.

We appreciate the fact that formal education is only one part of the child’s total education, and that the primary responsibility for the growth of the child is in the home. We are prepared to work along side our families as collaborators in the child’s growth and development.